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Why is a K-8 school best for middle school students?

There are so many reasons!  First and foremost, middle school students are still children. I strongly believe these  11 to 14 year-olds are not ready for the “high school environment” of traditional middle schools. Are young adolescents truly best served in communities consisting solely of their peers? “Put a thousand risk-taking, in-search-of-themselves pre-teens into the same building at the same time and even the minor challenges of adolescence—who’s dating whom, who’s speaking to whom—ignite and spread with contagious and telepathic speed.” (USA Today 3-15-01) 

In a K-8 setting, students’ attention is diverted from themselves, and they are challenged to become role models and leaders for the primary aged students. It is important to note that the middle school concept is a “concept”, not a building! A K-8 school provides students with that “middle school concept” within a caring environment where all teachers know them well and have high expectations for their success. 

Why is a K-8 school best for primary students?

Middle school students add so much excitement to a school! Primary students (grades K-5) benefit from this excitement. By interacting with the older children and participating in activities planned by them, our primary students build a rapport and benefit from the mentoring relationships that develop. They look forward to the day they can take on those same leadership roles. 

Why is a K-8 school best for parents?

Early adolescence is a time when children try to distance themselves from their parents. Yet, this is the time when parents need to be most involved in their child’s growth and development. What better setting is there than a K-8 setting where parents know the teachers and administration well, and know the parents of the peers their children interact with? When children go from a primary school to a large middle school, parents are at a disadvantage. They do not know the teachers, they are not familiar with the school environment (policies, procedures, layout), and they do not know their child’s friends and their parents. This is a time when parents should know more—not have more unknowns! 

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